iGNANT is a Berlin based, award winning online magazine that features art, design, photography and architecture.
‘Two of a kind’ series is based on iGNANT’s idea, stated on their website that; "oftentimes, we stumble upon artworks that stem from the same idea but have very different visual outcomes. That’s why we set up our ‘Two of a Kind’ series – to see how two artists working with the same starting materials can transform them in their own unique way.”
My role:
I was given burlap cloth, small rubble bands and googly eyes to create a series of photographs based on these materials.
My goal:
To give each material its own story from a playful perspective
+ baaaaalap + | material: burlap cloth
+ boat + | material: burlap cloth
+ environmental friendly + | material: small rubber bands
+ hole + | material: small rubber bands
+ pencil + | material: googly eyes
+ googly me + | material: googly eyes
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